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Community Ministries

Community ministries and programs are grouped into three major categories: Liturgy and Spirituality, Community Spirit, and Operations. Most individual ministries and programs each fit well into a single category, though some may tend to overlap one or more categories.

Each ministry or program is governed and run solely by members of the Community in cooperation with the Guiding Council. Many were initiated by individual Community members who put in their own time and energy to make the ministries or programs happen. Any member of the Community is welcome to participate in any of these ministries and programs.

Liturgy And Spirituality Ministries

Guiding Council Sponsor: Mary Kate Pach (Sep 30, 2021 - Sep 30, 2023)
Ministry Administrator(s)  
Community Retreat Diane Gallo & Al Pach learn more
Eucharistic Ministry Jody Pfeiffer learn more
Lector Ministry Carl Maulbeck learn more
Liturgy Ministry Carl Maulbeck learn more
Music Ministry Marge Leonard learn more

The single most important aspect of our intentional community is spirituality and liturgy. Community radiates from liturgy, which is a source of nourishment to our spiritual life.

We believe people respond to liturgy best when they have personal involvement. This area of community life needs the most support from its members. Broad involvement in all aspects of liturgy, from thematic creation to preparation and execution, is a goal.
Click HERE for detailed information.

Community Spirit Ministries

Guiding Council Sponsor: Jaya Avirappattu (Sep 30, 2022 - Sep 30, 2024)
Ministry Administrator(s)  
Coffee (Sunday after Liturgy) Chuck Koman learn more
Community Service Project Tama Hampton learn more
Community Weekly Bulletin Margaret Lorenzo learn more
Family Promise Hosting Marge & Alice Leonard learn more
Help Feed The Hungry   learn more
Pastoral Care Ministry Ellie Redington learn more
Sandwich Ministry Joanne McAneny learn more
Welcoming Ministry Ellie Redington learn more

Our Community Spirit ministries stem from the belief that developing community and responding to the needs of others is a cornerstone of our intentional community. Our faith in God and relationships within community are nurtured in serving others, both within our community and "off the hill". Whether we engage in projects addressing social justice, or care for members by providing coffee or home visits, we strive to serve all our community on their journey to deepen their faith.
Click HERE for detailed information.

Operations Ministries

Guiding Council Sponsor: Betty Ann Kelly (Apr 1, 2022 - Mar 31, 2024)
Ministry Administrator(s)  
Brunch Ellie Redington & Peggy Oblack learn more
Chili Dinner & Cookoff Gordy Glose learn more
Christmas Sharing Jody Pfeiffer & Lori Vigliotti learn more
Finance Committee Rod Donovan & Kristy Cerullo learn more
Service Auction Gordy Glose learn more
Technology/Communications Chuck Koman learn more

Our Operations ministries focus on budgeting, fund-raising events and communications. Fund-raising is done within the context of social events which also foster stronger community ties. Communication is accomplished through a website which provides needed information to community members and is also used to communicate to those outside our community.
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